Swimming pools represent a challanging environment with delicate  thermo-hygrometric characteristics.

It’s an intricated equilibrium  to be managed ,  where temperature, humidity, crowding and pool’s water variations, are the elements affecting  each other continuously.

This particular environment demands a perfect control of internal conditions in order to balance the best comfort  both to the guests of the structure, than to the staff people.

For all of these reasons, the air treatment solution  must be designed  on purpose in every single detail;   optimal conditions can be achieved only with taylor made solutions.

A  proprietary software is used  to  manage up to seven rolling shutters and  two speed controlled fans, with a tight tolerance around  the valued set both for Temperature and Humidity.

Primaria developed a line of dedicated pool dehumidifiers, completely customizable in all  technical and constructive details, with the only aim to comply with the requirements that can arise from  customers, design consultants and installers.