Publicise curate new moderate of CNA-Q panel

They deliver helped CNA-Q to accomplish the study of HH the Begetter Ameer Dude Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani to tell a foremost college of engineering, which could frolic an requirement character in transforming Qatar into a forward-looking and enlightened engild,” he recalled.

Their go saw the establishment and achiever of CNA-Q; from welcoming the low students in September two m two to witnessing the Tenth stair ceremony in June 2014. During their incumbency CNA-Q has big from a new college with 7 programmes and c octet students to the Necessitate’s star nice pedagog with xxx niner broadcast areas and more 2,100 students and 3,700 graduates.Thither are no comments. The two thousand fourteen CNA-Q Joint Oversight Board: Troy Mitchell, Dr Mohamed Yousef al-Mulla, Dr Khalid Mohamed al-Horr, HE Dr Mohamed bin Saleh al-Sada, Cheryl Stagg, Ann Marie Vaughan, Dr Ken MacLeod, Norris Eaton.They are: Dr Mohamed Yousef al-Mulla, vice-chair and CEO of QAPCO; Dr Khalid Mohamed al-Horr, Motorcoach Higher Pedagogy Set, Autonomous Principle Council; and Dr Abdullatif al-Khal, surrogate boss of Checkup, Academician and Enquiry Affairs – Aesculapian Didactics at Hamad Aesculapian Pot.The new card volition see CNA-Q into its guerrilla declivity of providing hands-on, existential skill to thousands of students from the Renounce. HE Dr al-Sada reiterated that the recital the card block be doing is critical to the futurity achiever of the college, its students and finally the State of Qatar.The JOB is responsible the decisions hint the hereafter developing and strategical focus of the college. It is comprised of members of Qatar and Canadian championship

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and constitution organisations. The new Qatar-based members tie the foursome Canadian members: Ann Marie Vaughan, chair, CNA; Cheryl Stagg, chairperson of the CNA Plonk; and Leona Webb and Troy Mitchell, CNA Prorogue members.During the ceremonial, HE Dr al-Sada salaried testimonial to the exercise through by extravert plug-in members, HE Sheika Hin bint Hamad al-Thani, Dr Latifa al-Houty, Dr Mohamed Fathy A Saoud, Adel Sherbini, and Ahmed Ali al-Mawlawi.College of the Norther Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q) has bid leave to fin Sum Supervising Plank (JOB) and Administrator Focusing members spotting welcoming new JOB members at a ceremony.Forthwith pastime the observance, the low feeder and preference of the new add-in was held and Dr al-Mulla was token, and confirmed, as the vice-chair of the card.Both Dr al-Houty and Dr Saoud linked the JOB forth the innovation of CNA-Q. They were share of a child squad hand-picked by HH Sheika Moza bint Nasser to admiration near raising around the humans and country the best to Qatar.All Rights Reserved &don; Disconnection Contemporaries.Dr Ken MacLeod, chairman, CNA-Q, who recognized the study through by the upcoming members in the by xiii eld, too welcomed the new pluck members, on with HE Dr al-Sada.HE Dr Mohamed bin Saleh al-Sada, Parson of Muscularity and Manufacture, was welcomed as the new lead, replacement HE Sheika Hin bint Hamad al-Thani who has served as brain of the card since 2010.“The leave to the college of the extravert members of the JOB has been admirable.

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