The environment in which we live, is affected by frequent microclimatic changes.

These are due  both to endogenous and exogenous factors  (endogenous: people, technologies, plants, present tools ecc.  Exogenous:  external temperature, smells, ecc).

In order to regulate  the  ideal conditions for temperature and humidity, it’s necessary to implement an  air treatment.

This is achieved by means of  various  technologies,  correcting promptly  any undesired  variation  in the environmental conditions, with the aim  to provide  the optimal physical  and healthiness conditions.

Our Company is specialized in providing   hi-tech Air  treatment, matching this requirement with energy saving,  and satisfying any  customer requirements.

Exceeding  25 years of experience, Primaria is   a team of experienced  and dynamic professionals, that can act side by side with the customers, in order to provide a taylor made  design and realization.

Primaria is always proposing no compromise solutions that are totally developed around  the desired conditions pinpointed by the air systems designer.

Primaria is the winning link  with advisors, designers and installers.